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The DreamBox™ and it’s exclusive DreamProgram™ will be introduced to the children during a special kick-off event. The children will be inspired by creative exercises and sharing session of special guests, who help them to put their dream down in words in a fun and interactive way. These are the kick-off ingredients.


The children listen to inspirational stories about life, hope and dreams from special guests.


The children visualize their own dreams on their DreamCloud, to hang above their bed afterwards.


Explanation and first input of their dreams inside the DreamBook.


The children write their dream on a huge poster filled with clouds. This poster inside the class will remind them daily about their dream.


Each child makes a Polaroid picture with their DreamCloud. The picture will be placed inside their DreamBook.


After all the fun and excitement it is time to relax and eat together, before they all go home with their new uniform and backpack full of goodies 


We launch our DreamProgram a few times per month at different locations throughout the country! Do you want to join one or more of them? Check out the dates for the upcoming kick-offs HERE

10:00 Preparations

Build up the event; briefing on location, preparing all materials, sound-check, warming up and getting ready to kick-off!

 11:00 General opening

General opening with all the children, introduction of the event, the program and what they can expect from the kick-off.

 11:15 Start sharing sessions

The group will be divided into small groups. The sharing session starts, followed by the general rules of the program.

 11:35 Start activities

Start making their own mini DreamCloud, class DreamCloud and filling in the first page of their DreamBook.

 12:15 Make pictures

Individual DreamCloud polaroid picture will be taken to place at the first page of their DreamBook

 12:45 Eat together

Eat together and celebrate the official kick-off of the DreamProgram, followed by a group picture. Before heading home, all children receive their Dream Bag.

 13:15 Cleaning and closing

Cleaning up and evaluation of the event. Heading home; tired but fulfilled. Together we just made the start of a few dozen new dreams!

Each kick-off that we produce to introduce our DreamBox™ fully depends on our generous partners, sponsors and donators. We are constantly looking for partners and individuals for the donation of goods, materials, catering, transportation, photography, videography and much more. If you would like to join, contribute of donate a DreamBox™ kick-off event, please let us know so we can start creating dreams together!



Would you like some more information? Do you want to volunteer? Or do you just want to say Hi? Please check our FAQ page first if you have any questions.