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We receive dozens of questions per day regarding volunteering, our training sessions, about our program and even personal questions! We have compiled and listed them here, for you to find your answer as soon as possible (except for the personal ones!). If you have other questions and your answer can not be found here, please contact us using the contact box below.



I registered through your website, but I haven’t received any confirmation.
After you registered we directly send you a confirmation for your training date. If you haven’t received it, please check your spam folder or, when you use Gmail, your promotion folder. If you still haven’t received it, contact us.

Can I just show up when I want to volunteer at one of the Inspiration Factories?
No you can’t. You have to RSVP yourself first.

What does RSVP mean and why do I have to do it?
RSVP is an initialism derived from the French phrase Répondez s’il vous plaît meaning “Please respond”. Because each Inspiration Factory has limited spots for volunteers, you need to RSVP yourself so we know that you are coming and we know when we have enough volunteers. Once you have RSVP’ed, we count on you!

Do I need to RSVP myself every time?
Yes, you need to RSVP yourself for each activity again.

How do I RSVP to join the activity?
We send you our newsletter every Wednesday. Inside the newsletter there is a link to our VolunteerAgenda. Open this agenda and select the activity that you want to join. Click on the RSVP button, fill in your details, and wait for our confirmation.

Do you provide the attendance rewards as well?
Yes we do reward the motivated children as well loyal volunteers decently

I am visiting only for one week, can I visit you?
Yes of course! We would be very happy to welcome you and show you around.

I can’t join every week, is that a problem?
No, that’s not a problem. Although we hope you join as much as possible.

Can I bring some friends with me?
Yes, of course! Let us know how many friends you will bring. Please not that also your friends need to register and RSVP themselves in order to join the activity.

I would like to volunteer fulltime, is that possible?
Some Inspiration Factories have full-time possibilities, some have part-time. Contact us for more information.

Can I bring food or gifts for the kids?
Please contact us first before bringing food or gifts. Check our donation guidelines HERE.

What’s the religion of the kids?
The religion is different at each Inspiration Factory.

Can I donate money?
Yes you can. You can find the donation details HERE.

Can I donate goods?
Please contact us first before bringing goods. Check our donation guidelines HERE.

Do I get dirty and is it dangerous to go there?
No, it’s not dangerous! You could get dirty when you are working in the slums.

Is there any dress code?
Yes there is. Always wear your #akupunyamimpi t-shirt that you received during the training and wear your Inspiration Factory ID card as well. Our Inspiration Factories may reject you when you can not identify yourself and/or not wearing your uniform.

What will I do as a volunteer at the Inspiration Factory?
You will carry out our DreamProgram as an official DreamProgram Facilitator. All our Inspiration Factories implement the same modules so you can go to any Inspiration Factory that you want.

I have more questions about your DreamProgram.
Please check our FAQ page for more information or contact us directly.

Do I need to pay a volunteer fee before I can join?
There are no costs involved during the volunteering activities. However, in order to volunteer at our Inspiration Factories you have to follow our exclusive Inspiration Factory training. During this training we tell you more about the child psychology behind our program and we prepare you to be the children’s next inspirator. After the training you receive our Starter Kit which includes your uniform, the training materials and a certificate. 

Do you provide accommodations for volunteers from abroad?
We don’t provide accommodations but we are familiar with accommodations near each Inspiration Factory.

What is DreamProgram training?
DreamProgram training is a training designed to equip all volunteers before they volunteer at one of our Inspiration Factories to execute our DreamProgram.

Am I eligible for this training?
Anyone who wants to volunteer at one of our Inspiration Factories is eligible for this training.

Why do I need to be trained?
Our DreamProgram execution are being monitored by PemProv DKI Jakarta, and we  have to ensure that our DreamProgram is being delivered with the highest quality possible and with correct procedures by certified DreamProgram Facilitators.

How long is the training session?
The training will be 4 hours with two short breaks in between.

Where is the venue of the training? 
The training venue will be a business centre in Jakarta Pusat. Currently all trainings are scheduled at the business centre of Grand Hyatt Jakarta.

Who facilitates the training?
The training is facilitated by the Project Managers and Program Managers of the Inspiration Factory. Our managers have been trained the child psychologists of Personal Growth.

Who signs the certificates and is the certificate official?
Yes, the certificate is an official certificate and will be signed by the training facilitator and the founders of the Inspiration Factory Foundation.

What will I get and learn from the training?
You will learn about our Foundation (the history, journey, our Founders, and our vision), the science behind the DreamProgram (the psychology behind it, the whole Theme and Modules) and how to implement the DreamProgram. The training includes interactive sharing sessions, case studies and more. You will also receive the Inspiration Factory goodie bag with your personal ID Card, t-shirt, loyalty card, snacks and your own DreamBook.

Do I need to have a specific background or experience (e.g teacher) to become a volunteer?
No. We do not require a specific background or experience since all volunteers are trained before being involved in the activities.

What if I’m not available for the closest training date? Do you have another date option?
We schedule our training every month. There will always be at least two dates you can choose from.

Do I need to only be trained once in order to become a volunteer?
Yes, this training is an introduction training to equip volunteers and to level the understanding of every facilitator before delivering the DreamProgram at one of our Inspiration Factories.

Do I need to pay for the next follow training if any?
No. Since the training fee covers for the materials you need to execute the program, the payment needs to be made only once.

How many trainings are there? And how long is the time interval between trainings?
We schedule refreshment trainings occasionally, and there will be no cost involved. All training schedules will be announced in our newsletter.

Can I still volunteer if I am not trained?
Starting from January 1 2017, all volunteers have to be trained prior to  executing the DreamProgram at one of our Inspiration Factories.

What is the difference between ‘existing volunteer’ and ‘new volunteer’?
Existing volunteers are the ones who already participated during one of our activities at one of Inspiration Factories between 2014 and 2016. New volunteers are the ones who have not registered themselves through our website yet.

How can I sign up for the training?
You can signup through this page and simply follow the steps.

Can I cancel my registration and will I get a refund?
We do not allow any cancelation. You need to find a replacement for your seat if you cancel your registration.

Can I reschedule my training to another date?
If you notify us at least one week in advance you can move to another training date. This is only possible once. When we do not receive any notification your registration is considered as cancelled.

What kind of programs do you have?
We focus on giving inspirations to children through our own DreamProgram which is psychology certified and it varies from sharing sessions to role playing and hygiene. Details can be found HERE

Which child psychologist has certified the program?
We are certified by Personal Growth Indonesia.

How do you know all this?
We have been working with constant improvements with full focus on our pilot location for more than 3 years now. This way, we understand fully the nature of working with children, volunteers as well as the necessary positive change in operations. Besides that, we work collaboratively with other expert bodies like Unicef and Child Psychologists to provide us with the necessary framework.

How do you measure your success?
We measure qualitatively through DreamBook and real story testimonials from the children and teachers as well as attendance figures.

Do you have any success stories of your children?
We have stories of changes in the children in terms of attitude/skills/purpose but the real fulfillment of dreams can only be measured a decade or more from now

What is the value of the Inspiration Factory Certificate?
The Inspiration Factory certificate can serve as credentials in future endeavors of the children as we are psychologically certified in educating character development and attitudes, which are crucial in working and social culture.

Is the program completely free?
It is completely free of charge – all you need to do is to follow the system

Is each DreamProgram the same?
Each DreamProgram can be different depending on the needs at your location. Some programs can be fully implemented while others are selective.

Are there any extra costs involved?
There are no additional costs with regards to the DreamBox, however, some programs like movie outings are likely to incur some logistic costs.

Do you provide transportation for outings?
Transportations for outings have to be arranged independently by locations

How can I apply for the DreamBox?
You may register at our website at the following LINK

Does each DreamBox contain the same?
Each DreamBox contains the same basic materials, it’s only the nature of sponsors that varies

Where can I find the guidebooks?
The guidebook is available at our website HERE

Where do I need to place the Inspiration Factory sign?
The Inspiration Factory sign needs to be placed visibly during each class session

What if I have a question, suggestion or complain about the modules or materials?
By all means, please write to us. We value feedbacks greatly as this helps us to constantly improve and change

If we have problems with volunteers, can we contact you?
We can advise you on the tips but the nature of the problem have to solved independently at your premise.

What happens when I have new children in my project?
We suggest that the children enrol at the beginning of the semester so that the program can be effectively applied to them.

How many times per year will you visit us?
We will visit you at the end of every quarter to monitor and help you with your progress

I have children who need medical care. Do you provide that?
We put full focus of resources on education but depending on the nature of medical conditions, we could link you with our hospital and doctor partners

How do you select your locations?
Locations of the underprivileged children must be officially registered as orphanages/social or educational institutions

Are there any locations I can visit that use the DreamBox?
Yes, our pilot Dreambox is located at Pluit, Jembatan Tiga, North Jakarta and we are also located in Government housings throughout Jakarta as well as several orphanages in Bali

Is there an office of the Inspiration Factory near my project?
Our main office is located at the Central Jakarta but we are easily reached by phones/emails/social medias.

Are you only focusing on Indonesia only or also other countries?
We are constantly looking for possibilities to expand overseas as well. If you do have that opportunity, we are more than glad to oblige!

What are the most important things you need?
Without any sugar-coatings, what we need the most is funding to ensure operation feasibility

We have a limited CSR budget available, what is possible?
No problem, there are always many different options to contribute. Write to us so we can advise accordingly

Is it possible to do a one-time donation from our company?
Yes of course that is more than welcomed too

Is my donation tax refundable?
That depends on the nature of legals in your country

Can we donate our company service too?
Yes of course you can always donate in-kind

Are there any rules regarding donations?
We have some rules in house to regulate donations. Please go HERE for details.

Can I see what happens with our donation?
Yes, we will document and update all activities/donations. They will be made available in our digital platforms and we will personally update you via email too

Where can I find your year report?
All our reports are made available online on our website

Can we visit one of your locations with our school?
Yes you can but you need to register yourself first so we can make the necessary preparations

Can we visit your location with our team and play games with the kids?
You are more than welcome, as long as it falls under our guidelines and restrictions

Can we visit your location as a company to do our team-building?
Definitely, you can participate as the Inspirators to share your professions with the children as a team.

Is it possible that you give a presentation at our company or school?
Yes we can do that for you depending on the needs at your premise. Please write to us

Do you have any fundraise programs for schools available?
Yes we do have several fundraising programs available depending on the nature of your school

Is there any student exchange program?
At this moment we do not have a program with a fixed period, but foreign students are more than welcomed to join one of our locations

Are you an official foundation?
Yes. We are officially registered in both Indonesia and the Netherlands

Why do you have an office in the Netherlands?
We are established as well in the Netherlands because our co-founder is native there

Where does your funding come from?

We work with corporate bodies in their CSR programs as well as individuals from different backgrounds.



Would you like some more information? Do you want to volunteer? Or do you just want to say Hi? Please check our FAQ page first if you have any questions.