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Our DreamProgram aims to remove some of the barriers facing mindset development starting from self-esteem education for children aged between 6-12 years old. Self-esteem is the main target here because it is the psychological needs of the children at this age group.


DreamProgram is a structured system with specific aim and measurable targets across various themes that touch on life issues like self-identity and social relations. We believe this is where impact can begin in order for children to pursue their dreams thus bringing a positive change in the social settings of the surroundings.


Thanks to our generous sponsors, the DreamProgram™ is implemented at communities and projects that share the same vision. We provide program modules, lesson materials, facilitator guidelines, stationaries and uniforms for all children to execute our DreamProgram for 44 weeks per year.













Our DreamProgram also contains our signature tool for each child: the DreamBook. It is a journal of outcome and process visualisation where the children put their future dreams, reflect on the past learnings and especially plans of actions on the present. It is a self-explanatory sidekick that challenges their thoughts yet motivates them to stay track on their journey towards their dreams.

The map that helps you to create dreams and pursue them!

Reflections and focus on goals and dreams

Raises the children’s self-esteem by reading out loud

Motivates and encourages the learning process

Mind-Maps guide to organize thoughts and plan directions

Monthly challenge to tease the brains

Advise box for teachers to comment

Perfect measurement tool

The DreamProgram has been developed in collaboration with:logo_PG


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