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You don’t have a creditcard or Paypal account? Or would you like to donate another amount or support us monthly? Please use the details below. Inkind donations are also more than welcome. Check out our guidelines for that.

Inspiration Factory The Netherlands

Branch: The Netherlands
Bank account name: Stichting Inspiratie Fabriek
Bank account number: NL46 INGB 0007.1788.41
Bank: ING Bank NV
Bank address: Stadhuisplein 6, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Inspiration Factory Indonesia

Branch: Indonesia
Bank account name: Yayasan Pabrik Inspirasi
Bank account number: 2030.009.911
Bank: Commonwealth Bank Indonesia
Bank address: World Trade Centre (WTC) 6 Lt 3A, Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav 29-31, Jakarta 12920, Indonesia


To be able to continue on a daily basis we could use any form of support, in terms of the donation of items, knowledge, services or monetary support. If you want to support us, please check out these details, to make sure your donation goes to the right place.

1. We love being fair so please make sure item quantities are for 300 kids, when it comes to donations for our kids at our Pluit location (colour/size may vary, but needs to be unisex at all times).

2. Numbers for our other locations are upon request.

3. We support recycling but our program aims to boost kids self-esteem so items are preferably new.

4. Items must not be perishable.

5. Time of distribution may vary according to events, schedules and type of items. Because we do not want to spoil our kids too much, your donation could be stored and distributed during another occasion.

6. Donation of food or snacks is only possible during certain occasions. We do not distribute food or snacks during regular activities, to avoid the assumption of getting food every day and to make this their motivation to join.

7. Since we are a non-religious Foundation, it is not possible to donate any kind of items which are related to a particular religion, such as religious books, clothes or accessories.

8. Place of distribution could be to any of our project locations.

9. Not all of our locations are in the same condition or need of the same items. Please contact us to make sure your donation ends up at the right place with the right purpose.

10. All donations must be confirmed in advance for logistic convenience. It is not possible to distribute without prior notice or to drop donations on any other days beside our project days.

11. Although we appreciate any form of help, monetary donations are preferred and can be made through Bank Transfer to the official Foundation’s account (see details above). We do not handle cash donations.

12. Please provide us your name, title and address for administration.

13. You will receive an official donation receipt at the end of every donation.

14. All donations will be documented in the form of multi media and reports will be provided



Would you like some more information? Do you want to volunteer? Or do you just want to say Hi? Please check our FAQ page first if you have any questions.